PHILGEMS works hands-on with clients to prepare them for opportunities in the Philippines and to create a tailored fit investment portfolio. The company conducts needs analysis to help client make intelligent decisions. Business and Investing solutions catering to international market is the expertise of our consultants. The team helps client to maximize their Return of Investment thru intensive market research, updated market trends and calculated risk.



Our team of property advisors will help you set goals and create a strategic plan to achieve it. A report by our team of real estate consultants, financial managers, accounting professional will provide you with real estate business models for guaranteed returns.


Our Licensed Appraisers and surveyors are equipped with technical skills and knowledge to come up with the property assessed value. Our team is trained with different valuation approaches to provide a fair market value result.


Our Registered Financial planner is an expert in managing cash flow and income return expectations, which will allow you to maximize your wealth thru investing without compromising the lifestyle. This is also essential for planning a retirement in the Philippines.


Our research service provides comprehensive Business Planning and Feasibility studies to future investors that are new to the Philippines and would like to be familiar with the local industry. The researchers recommendations are based on historical data of market returns and facts of actual projection thru market trends.


► international Property Investors

► Overseas Filipino Workers

► Foreign Business Owners looking to invest in the Philippines

► Local and Foreign Retirees

► SMEs for Real Estate Business Solutions

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