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In consideration of your acceptance of the terms of this Agreement, we hereby give you the Open Listing Authority to find a BUYER for my property described below for an Open period until rights are terminated. We agree to pay you a commission of FIVE PERCENT (5%) based on the total price of property as sold.

• As such, you are also authorized to secure the cooperation of other brokers and agents and provide this listing to a Multiple Listing System for information and publication by other entities.

• You may advertise in any medium and shall have access to our property with permission together with your co-brokers, staff, agents and prospective buyers.

• In case where this Agreement was unilaterally revoked by us before the expiration of the period of this Agreement, without fault on your part, we are NOT obliged to reimburse you all expenses you have incurred in connection with the sale of my property.

• However your office is not entitled to any commissions if another broker, office or salesperson made the sale. Rights to commission will be awarded to the first to sell the said unit in Good faith.

• I shall pay for the capital gains & brokers commission while the cost of the documentary stamp tax, notarial and other documentation expenses, registration expenses and transfer taxes shall be for the account of the buyer.

We further agree to indemnify and hold you free from all claims, disputes, and litigation arising from any incorrect information supplied by us or from any material fact, which we know but omitted or failed to disclose.